I respect your privacy and will never share your email or any other information with anyone, ever. Any information shared during sessions are kept in strict confidence.


To make the most of our time together, please make sure to fill out any forms prior to our session.


If you cancel within less than 48 hours, please consider offering a donation to honor my time. Retreat cancelation policies vary by event.


Following tradition, I offer guidance freely and rely entirely on student’s generosity, or dana in the Pali language, for support. I believe this type of guidance is truly an invaluable gift, beyond price. Giving from your heart is an important part of practice. It involves the wise reflection on your own financial means, as well as a mindful examination of your impulse to give. I do offer a suggested starting donation levels, but ultimately the amount is entirely up to you.

Dana can be sent to @sitwitheve via Venmo.