yes, YOU can

I believe two things:
We are all wild animals,
and we can all learn to meditate.


When we start with empathy, understanding, and curiosity, we come to see each of us as we are — wild animals wired for distraction. It’s worth sitting with for a moment: distractions, urges, cravings, and aversions are how we have survived. And while those instincts have helped to keep us alive, they haven’t done much to make us happy.

When we try to meditate, we soon discover that we are not in control of our minds. We attempt to steady our focus, and instead find a world a restless conflict. Never satisfied, attention is constantly scanning, hunting for the next treat, the next salve, the next interesting morsel. With time, our thoughts reveal just how fragmented we are, with subconscious warring factions pulling us in a million different directions. Feelings of frustration, impatience, and loneliness can make it difficult to sit in peace.

So what’s a wild animal to do? Are lucidity, peace and freedom even possible?


YES! By and large, we can all learn to meditate. The key is learning to work smart, not hard. Working with the mind, not against it. Focusing on the process, not trying to control the result. Step by step, developing one skill until it’s easy peasy, effortless, and automatic — and then working on the next. In this guided meditation, I take you through the simple steps to start meditating with finesse and ease. If you think you’re too scattered, stressed, restless, neurotic, or too afraid to meditate, then this one is especially for you.